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SQL Saturday #62 – Tampa, FL 2011

January 4th, 2011

Many of my colleagues have produced short blog posts regarding their participation in SQL Saturday #62 in Tampa next weekend.  Here are just a few I’ve seen so far, but I’m sure there are many more:

As you may have guessed, I too have the honor and pleasure to have been asked to speak at this fine event.  I will be doing my session on “An Introduction to Transactional Replication.”  Ok, I know that topic isn’t going to bring sexy back, but TR is a very real option for many SQL shops for both redundancy, reporting, offloading, and many other potential reasons.  This is a beginners session, so if you do attend it, understand the level of the intended audience.

This occasion kicks off what I expect to be a banner year for the SQL Saturday franchise as it is (naturally) the first one of 2011.  I know that Pam & Jose are working harder than ever to make this weekend a grand one; for both the speakers and attendees.  Sometimes it gets lost that the speakers are attendees as well.  I’ll be speaking from 11:00AM – 12:00 Noon, but will be attending sessions the entire rest of the day.  This year’s line-up is fantastic from start to finish; with sessions covering topics from SSIS, to replication, to Powershell, and a whole lot more.  The real problem is how do you pick just one when there are 3 or 4 per time slot you’d like to see!!  Decisions decisions.

They are doing something a bit different this year on the Friday before the regular conference; what’s being called a “Day of Data”.  For $99, one can attend day-long sessions with either Denny Cherry on storage and virtualization, or Stacia Misner’s introduction to SSIS.  Both these folks are excellent speakers and really know their stuff.  If you have the time and resources, I highly recommend attending one of these sessions.

And most importantly, if you do attend this event, your mandatory assignment is to introduce yourself to the Grateful DBA (if we don’t know each other already.)  Please don’t be shy and do say hello.  I’d love to meet the three people that read my blog.  See you there!!

Have a grateful day…Troy

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Spring/Summer Speaking Schedule

April 12th, 2010

The Grateful DBA is happy to announce that I’ll be speaking at several SQL conferences this spring and summer.   Not exactly what one would designate a “whirlwind tour,” yet nonetheless I’m truly looking forward to each for many specific reasons.  I will be speaking at each of these conferences on a subject which consumes much of my day; transactional replication.  So…if you happen to catch it more than once and it sounds familiar, now you know why.

The schedule and a couple notes about each event…

  • 4/24/10, SQL Saturday #41, Atlanta, GA – Besides the normal “I’m-REALLY-looking-forward-to-this-SQL-Saturday” reasons, this weekend has an extra bonus attached, and it’s called Railroad Earth.   For those not familiar with this wonderful bluegrass-rock-roots-jam band, search them out on MySpace, YouTube, etc for a taste of their style.  Anyway, they just so happen to be at the Variety Playhouse that evening after the conference and I will of course will be making my way downtown to boogie.
  • 5/8/10, SQL Saturday #38, Jacksonville, FL – This event holds a special place in my heart only because it’s put on by my local SQL Server user group, JSSUG.  I will be taking an active role in not just presenting, but helping Brian, Devin, & Scott prepare in any way needed.  It takes place right around the corner here in Jacksonville on the lovely campus of The University of North Florida.
  • 6/5/10, SQL Saturday #22, Pensacola, FL – You may have guessed by now that these SQL Saturdays are numbered sequentially, and this one being #22 tells me they’ve been working on getting it together for quite a while.  The official presenter’s list has not been decided upon yet as I believe the call for speakers hasn’t technically closed.  I have of course applied to present and certainly hope to be asked to speak.  Either way, I will attend this fine event as a day of free training with some of the top SQL minds in the country is just too good to pass up. (Edited 4/19/10:  Speaker’s list appeared over the weekend…it’s official!  See ya there!!)
  • 7/31/10, SQL Saturday #40, Miami, FL – Same thing here as for Pensacola; the call for speakers won’t close for another month or so, but I certainly hope to be asked to present.  Despite the expectation of oppressive heat (c’mon, it is South Florida in July), I always love traveling south the length of my home state as well as catching up with several close friends I happen to have in the Boca/Palm Beach area.

If you attend any or all of these events, please please make sure to find me and say hello.  I truly look forward to meeting the 3 people who read my blog.  😉

Have a Grateful day…Troy

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What Teachers Make

March 29th, 2010

Apparently this video has been around for three years and this morning was the first time it’s made it’s way across my eyes.  I think it’s absolutely wonderful and Taylor Mali says it all so so perfectly.  I have several close friends who are actual college level teachers, as well as it’s a career my undergraduate son is considering.  Not only that, but many of YOU, my SQL Server colleagues are outstanding teachers in your own right.

And thank you to Seth Godin for bringing this video to my attention this morning.

So teachers stand tall, be proud, and next time someone laughs about how much teachers make, smile securely knowing ignorance truly is bliss.

Have a grateful day…Troy

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